Stargazing at Makani

Makani is well known for its amazing golf course and beautiful location, but did you know that we also host a variety of other fun activities such as stargazing and glow golf on our property?

StarDomes and fire pits add comfort and relaxation to our Stargazing activities.

StarDomes and fire pits add comfort and relaxation to our Stargazing activities.

stargazing and Stardomes

Makani is a prime location for stargazing with our dark skies and upcountry elevation. We recently added StarDomes and firepits to our property to enhance the stargazing experience and provide a comfortable place to relax while you enjoy the incredible night sky. Experience a sweeping view of the cosmos while avoiding the altitude, long drive, cold temperatures and crowds.

evening glow golf

Makani offers an exciting glow golf experience for an evening of fun under the stars. Enjoy a family friendly golf game as the sun sets over the horizon. Glow golf allows players to use glowing LED golf balls with illuminated putting flags and putting holes.

Families Welcome

One of the added benefits of our stargazing experience is that children are able to participate with their family. Stargazing tours to the top of Mauna Kea are limited to those over 16 years of age due to the high elevation and extreme conditions. Stargazing at our lower, but still upcountry location, provides the best of both worlds with incredible views of the night sky, yet a family friendly experience. Children also love the fun of hanging out in our StarDomes and playing glow golf!

A round of Glow Golf starts off a fun evening.

A round of Glow Golf starts off a fun evening.

Starry Sky over Makani’s 17th Hole

Starry Sky over Makani’s 17th Hole

Family time gathered around the fire.

Family time gathered around the fire.

Stargazing under the Big Island’s clear night skies.

Stargazing under the Big Island’s clear night skies.


Tours and Booking

Our incredible property is available for Stargazing by appointment.

Taikobo Hawaii Tours is our approved tour vendor for the nighttime stargazing experience. They provide both Japanese & English Language Tours.

English Language Tours - email James Stagg

Japanese Language Tours - Call (808) 329-0599 or email to book.

If you have questions about our stargazing experience or would like to find out more about becoming a tour provider please contact Makani Stargazing at (808) 747-0077 or by email at


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Stargazing in Hawaii

Stargazing is also a significant part of Hawaii’s history and an important cultural touchstone. Wayfinding is the process of orienting and traveling from place to place. Navigating is a more specific form of wayfinding that implies precise knowledge of where you are and where you are going. The early Polynesian voyagers were some of the best wayfinders in history. They were able to find their way across vast reaches of the Pacific ocean basin navigating by the sun, stars, and other natural cues.

Specific stars are visible at different times of the year or in different locations. Stars travel east to west in a particular line, and by tracking the movement of the stars, voyagers can determine their approximate location with a high level of accuracy. This ability to travel vast expanses of ocean, led by the stars, is how the first Polynesian voyagers were able to reach Hawaii.