Summer 2018


We have recently started construction to repair the large pond (holes 6, 9, 10). Please be careful around the construction areas, and abide by the directional signs and ropes.  We apologize for any disturbances, but this will be a great project to have completed. 

Please play all construction areas as Ground Under Repair - free relief.  However, if you send one into the "pond", that is still considered a hazard.  Drop and stroke as usual, but be sure to drop outside the construction area.

#9 & #10 have become Par 3s during construction, so please proceed to the 150 marker in the fairway.

TEE GROUNDS We are in full swing with our tee ground renovations. Please use temporary tees as indicated throughout the course.  Please avoid treated and roped off areas. 

FAIRWAYS will continue to be aggressively treated for weeds and then aerified. Sprigs will be planted to encourage quick establishment of the fairway turf. During this transition period of weed removal and establishment of new plants we will experience some thin and bare areas of turf.  

Our objective is to achieve UNIFORM TEE & FAIRWAY GRASS with consistent turf density that will hold up against weeds and provide excellent and consistent playability.

Please help us by: 
Using care while driving your golf car to avoid roped off areas.
Using “winter rules”, move your ball to a nearby grassed area.
Taking free relief from construction areas = Ground Under Repair.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding during this improvement period.

Sincerely, The Makani Turf Team